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  • posted : May-24-2015

Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair

Please meet my print at "Affordable Art Fair" at Hampstead, London, UK. Yes it's affordable! You can find it at the booth of Gallery G2 from Tokyo. Admission needed.

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  • posted : May-24-2015

The Artist

  • posted : June-9-2015

About me

I started to draw pictures in my childhood.
Art is, for me, the way to express the idea very consciously. This is what I need in whole life.

Create and repair

a stitched work

Printed pictures look more objective, comparing with drawings.

They are outside of myself. Copied images. Unveiled and naked.

Sometimes I see my poor ideas, my failure, everything which I wanted to remain vague. Too much clear.

Then I start to cut and sew my pictures. Feel like damage control. Damaging for repair. Cut out and sewn together. Until the chaos of symbols covers something true.

Sometimes, this way works. I see suddenly, some new sight.


  • Born in Tokyo, Japan. Learned print making in short-term course at Musashino art school.
  • A member of Zabo House, a shared print making studio in Tokyo.
  • Making art with several printing method like lithograph, woodcut, mono type. Also, drawings, stitched works, mixture of all.


  • posted : Oct-9-2014

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